NameHenry SANDERS Sr. [126], [57]
Birth13 Feb 1756, , Loudoun, Virginia [126]
Death13 Oct 1812, , Green, Kentucky [126], [141] Age: 56
FatherThomas James SANDERS (~1736-~1802)
Misc. Notes
1. Thomas last appears on Green County, KY tax list in 1816. [127]

2. Thomas and Henry Sanders in Scott County, KY 1797-1796. [127]

3. In the 1820's Henry Sanders, James Durham, and John Muldrough, and Henry Sanders Jr. were appointed to under the act of the last legislative session for improving the road leading from Lexington to Nashville, Tennessee, from where same crosses the Rolling Fork to the summit of Muldrought Hill. The same piece of road repaired and engineered by the above group, esp. Henry Sr. is being used today. (Hwy 289) Land owned is located in present day Taylor County, formly a portion of Green County.
Green Country, Kentucky Deed Book 4; Page 2-5
William Buckner, att-in-fact of Alexnader Reed of Fayette County, James Knox of Lincoln County and Hubbard Taylor of Clark County to Henry Saunders of Scott County,Ky----300 acres on Sinking Creek out of the north corner of Alexander Reed's Survey of 1000 and odds acres to be laid off nearly in a square-$300-- to be paid 1/2 on 19th sept,1796 and 1/2 19th Sept.,1797. The purchase money was paid by Alexander Reed,James Knox and Hubbard Taylor, and a conveyance is now made. William Buckner is not to be liable for loss or reimbursement of any part of land.
Signed: William Buckner,att-in-fact for Alexander Reed, James Knox, Hubbard Taylor, Henry Saunders
Wit: Elisha Thomas, Henry Saunders, Jr.
Whereas Henry Saunders, Jr hath purchased of Henry Saunders, Sr. 150 acres being the place thae said Henry , Sr. now lives on, Henry Saunders, Jr. binds himself to the balance of the purchase money paid that is now due. The deed may be made for 150 acres to Henry,Jr. instead of Henry, Sr. by Buckner this 15th Aug., 1801
Signed: Henry Saunders, Sr, Henry Saunders, Jr., William Buckner,atty-in-fact for Knox and Taylor.
15th Aug., 1801: Received 27 pounds, 4 shillings and 8 pence in part of principal and interest.
Signed: William Buckner, Atty for Knox and Taylor.
23 April, 1802: Received $52 and a french crown in part pay of the land.
Signed: William Buckner for Edgar Knox and Taylor 29th may, 1802: Received four pounds one shilling and eleven pence, the balance due on within land;
Signed: William Buckner; Received of Mr. Henry Saunders, Sr. 42 pounds, 4 shillings and 11 pence in part of his first payment as part for same on copy of this agreement.
Sign: William Buckner; Green County SCT: The articles of agreement and several endorsement records 14th April, 1803 by James Allen, CGC. [127]
ChildrenHenry (1776-1844)
 Rachel (~1778-1797)
 Elizabeth (~1778-)
 Caroline (~1778-)
 Ruth C (1778-1814)
 Samuel (~1780-)
 Elijah (~1783-1829)
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