NameBeatrice Hill SANDERS
Birth15 Sep 1915, Campbellsville, Taylor, Kentucky [3]
Death5 Jun 2008, Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois Age: 92
Death Memo4:30 a.m. in St. John’s Hospice Ward
Burial13 Jun 2008, Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois
Burial MemoRoselawn Cemetery
Alias/AKAGrandma Wakey
OccupationSchool Teacher (Retired)- Virden Grade School - Virden, Illinois, Staley School - Springfield, Illinois [3]
Cause of deathCancer
FatherWilliam Wesley SANDERS (1889-1979)
MotherJulia Amelia HILL (1893-1972)
Misc. Notes
1. From a taped interview with Beatrice Wakenshaw Nov 2001, she said: “(laughing) I’ll tell ya, this is what my Dad did. Floyd is 5 years younger than I am. Red is 10 years younger. One summer Dad let Floyd drive. He was 12 years old. He took Clara, me, and Herbert and went to Kentucky in the Model T Ford by ourselves. (me laughing, ‘did you get in trouble?’) No, but we almost got in trouble when we got back home. While we were down there, there was somebody who said, ‘you want some moonshine to bring home?’, and oh ya, we wanted some moonshine to bring home, so we got a gallon of moonshine. Paid 50 cents for a gallon from someone up in the hills who had a still. And we came back, and when we got home, I thought our Dad was going to kill us! He said we came across state lines with booze (and in those days it was against the law to have any kind of booze), and he trusted us to go, etc... And we came back with booze!” (more laughing) [3]

2. Her obituary in the Springfield, Illinois, State Journal-Register, 6 June 2008:
Beatrice Hill (Sanders) Wakenshaw, 92, of Springfield passed away Thursday, June 5, 2008, at St. John’s Hospice. She was born Sept. 15, 1915 in Campbellsville, Ky., the daughter of William and Julia Hill Sanders. She married Adam F. Wakenshaw May 30, 1940 in Virden. She was preceded in death by her husband, Adam, in 1965, brothers, Floyd and Herbert Sanders, and a sister, Clara Serra. Beatrice was a retired school teacher having taught in the Springfield and Virden school systems from 1937 until 1974. She was a past Worthy Matron Eastern Star Oasis Chapter 405 in Virden. She was a member of First Christian Church and Treasure Coast Chapter of the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution. Beatrice said “Nobody has ever had a better life than me.” Her secrets for a long life were “Be happy and always buy shoes that fit.” She is survived by her son, John Adam (wife, Geraldine) Wakenshaw of Almond, N.C.; two grandchildren, Mark Wakenshaw of Key Largo, Fla. and Ivey Deitz of Hudson, N.C.; two great-grandchildren; Jesse Deitz and Mathew Deitz of Hudson, N.C.; sister, Julia Marie (husband, James) Sanders Denby of Carlinville; a brother-in-law, Tony Serra of Springfield; and two sister-in-laws, Grace Sanders of LaPorte, Ind. and Juanita Sanders of Danville, Calif. A memorial service will be held for Beatrice on her 93rd birthday, Sept. 15, 2008, at the First Christian Church in Springfield, IL.

3. From her memorial on my front page:
It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the passing of my grandmother, Beatrice Hill Sanders Wakenshaw (AKA: Grandma Wakey). She died in the early morning hours of June 5th at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Illinois, after a month long battle with cancer. My father, Adam and his wife, Geraldine had been by her side most of the past month. My sister, Ivey and I drove to Springfield the first of June to be with her also. But by then grandma was mostly unresponsive. She did manage to open her eyes when she heard our voices for the first time, so I know she was holding on until we got there. She died that Thursday morning, as she would say, “in her 93rd year”.

Have peace in knowing that she is in a much better place now and all her pain is gone. And I bet if we could see them now, that she is still hugging my grandpa as we speak. She has missed him so. The photo above is Shad and Bea when they first started dating in 1936. I think if we could see into Heaven right now that it would look like this picture.

I was so glad to get all her family together for the reunion in 2005. It was a special time for us all celebrating her 90th birthday at the same time. I will miss our Monday night phone calls. No other person has given me so much info for my family tree. My Grandma Ivey passed away in 2001 before I really started this family tree, so I missed the chance to talk with her. But I have been so lucky to have Grandma Wakey live the long life she has had. I would tell her about old family I have found on the internet and put her in touch with them. And she would tell me stories of the “olden days”. I always had a pen and paper handy when I talked with her because you never knew when she would break out into a story and I would be trying to write names and dates as fast as she talked. Her eyesight may have kept her from ever seeing this web site, but I think she would approve.

Services were held on her 93rd birthday, September 15, 2008 at the First Christian Church in Springfield, Illinois. Reverend Rick Irwin did a fine job remembering her with many stories from her friends and family. The kind folks from the Eastern Star also had a nice dedication for her. There were almost 100 in attendance. After the service we laid flowers on her grave at Roselawn Cemetery. Those of you wishing to make a donation in her memory can do so to the Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation, 404 Portland St., Columbia, Missouri 65201. These are the people grandma donated her eyes to for research of Macular Degeneration.

Grandma touched many people with her kindness and generosity. Never asking for anything in return. She lived each day to its fullest and was the happiest person I know. She said it best herself, “Nobody has had a better life than me”.

I love you Grandma. Thank you for being here.
Birth27 Feb 1910, Thayer, Sangamon, Illinois [3]
Birth MemoBorn on a Sunday night. Weight:12 lbs.
Christen28 Apr 1910, St. Paul’s Pro-Cathedral, Springfield, Illinois [4] Age: <1
Death28 Apr 1965, Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois [3] Age: 55
Death MemoDied in Memorial Hospital from one of many heart attacks.
Burial1 May 1965, Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois [3]
Burial MemoRoselawn Memorial Park
OccupationProduction Superintendant - Sangamo Electric Co. Springfield, Illinois; Worked In A CCC Camp (Abt 1929) In Washington State Driving Trucks And Was Also The Camp Barber; Worked For The Local Undertaker In Virden, Illinois [3], [5]
MotherEllen GAFFEY (1867-1925)
Misc. Notes
1. The following is a portion of an email from my father, John Adam Wakenshaw:
He Was a Production Superintendant at Sangamo Electric. He Was the Main Man From 11 at night until 7 in the morning. I think that 32 years on the 11-7 shift is what killed him. The reason he never went to the armed services during WWII is the fact that submarines and ships needed transducers for depth sounders, and that is one of the items Sangamo Electric built. Most of the time their electric meter business kept them going, but during the war, they stepped up production of transducers. The Japs came up with a digital electric meter and Sangamo didn’t keep up with the times, so they had to shut down the main plant in Springfield and just have the one down here near Greenville, S.C. at Pickens, S.C.” [5]

2. As told to me by my grandmother (Beatrice):
When Adam was a very little boy, his father bought an automobile. He was one of the first ones in the town to have one. One day Adam went for a ride with his father from Thayer to Chatham, Illinois. When Adam returned, he boasted to his friends that he had been to “Shadham” with his dad. Adam was very young, and the words did not come out right. He was then called “Shadham” by his friends, which later was shortened to just “Shad”. [3]

3. As told to me by my father in an email:
“Do you know about your grandpa Wakey going to the C.C.C. camp in Washington state during the depression? He drove a truck and cut down big trees. Also he was the camp barber. He cut hair in Thayer when he came home because his chrome and leather barber chair was in aunt Ruth’s basement. Uncle Red and I hauled it to the dump in Thayer one time, because nobody wanted it. It was in good shape, becuase Tony III and I used to play with it all the time. It was red leather. Jack it up and spin around - big fun - nothing else to do in Thayer except go down and play by the creek. Dad used to take me to one of his favorite taverns in Thayer. He would have the bartender make me an “orange sodie hi-ball”, orange soda in a beer glass with a little beer in it. There was a bochie ball pit by the side of the tavern, and that is where all the old coal miners solved all the problems. That same tavern is where the old guy took a bet that he would eat a mouse. He held up the mouse by the tail and said, “I eat you boots and all”, and swallowed the mouse whole, then downed a stein of beer. Damnist thing I ever saw. I am fairly certain that there was some alcohol involved.” [5]

4. From the 1910 US Census, Auburn Township, Thayer Village (part of), Sangamon, Illinois, District 113, Sheet 9, Lines 32-41, taken 19 April 1910:

John Wakenshaw, Head, Male, White, Age 49, Married 24 years, POB - England, Father POB - England, Mother POB - England, Year of Immigration to the US - 1882, Naturalized or Alien? - Naturalized, Trade or Profession - Miner, Working on own account, Unemployed on April 15th 1910, Out of work 9 months in 1909, Own home.
Ellen Wakenshaw, Wife, Female, White, Age 42, Married 24 years, Mother of 11 children, Number of children living - 8, POB - England, Father POB - England, Mother POB - England, Trade or Profession - None
William Wakenshaw, Son, Age 23, Single, POB - Illinois, Miner, Working on own account, Unemployed on April 15th 1910, Out of work 9 months in 1909
Lizzie Wakenshaw, Daughter, Age 18, Single, POB - Illinois
Thomas Wakenshaw, Son, Age 16, Single, POB - Illinois, Miner, Working on own account, Unemployed on April 15th 1910, Out of work 9 months in 1909
Eva Wakenshaw, Daughter, Age 14, Single, POB - Montana, Attend school - yes
Ruth Wakenshaw, Daughter, Age 12, Single, POB - Montana, Attend school - yes
Annie Wakenshaw, Daughter, Age 7, Single, POB - Illinois, Attend school - yes
Robert Wakenshaw, Son, Age 5
Adam Wakenshaw, Son, Age 2 months

From the 1920 US Census, Illinois, Sangamon, Auburn Township (part of), Thayer Village (part of), Sheet 11B, District 116, taken 14 Jan 1920:

John Wakenshaw, Head, Own Home, Free of Morgage, Age 59, Married, Immigrated 1881, Naturalized 1898 (? - this date may be wrong), POB - England, Father POB - England, Mother POB - England, Trade - Loader, coal mine, working on own account.
Ellen Wakenshaw, Wife, Age 51, Immigrated 1870, Naturalized 1898, POB - England, Father POB - England, Mother POB - England.
Thos. J. Wakenshaw, Son, Age 25, Single, POB - Illinois, Trade - Lock Boss, coal mine, working on own account.
Eva Wakenshaw, Daughter, Age 23, Single, POB - Montana, Trade - Clerk, Grocery Store.
Ruth Wakenshaw, Daughter, Age 21, Single, POB - Montana.
Annie G. Wakenshaw, Daughter, Age 16, Single, POB - Illinois, Attends School - yes.
Robert L. Wakenshaw, Son, Age 14, Single, POB - Illinois, Attends School - yes.
Adam F. Wakenshaw, Son, Age 9, Single, POB - Illinois, Attends School - yes.
Marriage30 May 1940, Virden, Macoupin, Illinois
Marr Memo1st Christian Church
Misc. Notes
1. Taken from a photo album I received from Beatrice Wakenshaw, where she had written all about her and Shad’s trip to Montana in 1939: “On August 19, 1939, Mr. Wakenshaw, Ruth, Shad and I left Thayer, Ill. at 3:00 am. We traveled 595.4 mi. Stayed all night at Vermillion, South Dakota in two cottages ($3.00). Sunday, August 20, we traveled 459.2 mi. We stayed all night at Deadwood, South dakota in the edge of the Bad Lands in one large four room cottage ($3.00). Mr. Wakenshaw got lost! Had a grand chicken dinner. On Monday, August 21, we traveled 408.4 miles, arriving at Uncle Adam’s ranch in Boyd, Montana at 5:55 pm. Went to Mary and Bob’s for supper Tuesday, August, 22. Had a lovely time. Visited at the ranch, and in Bearcreek with Mary and Bob until we went to Yellowstone Park. On Friday, August 25, we left about 6 am. for the park. Stayed in four cabins at Old Faithful ($4.00). Saw Old Faithful erupt at 9:00 pm by spotlight and again at 8:05 am. Saturday morning. Sort of drizzling rain all day. Stayed at Yellowstone Lake in two cabins ($4.50). Bud caught two trout. On the way back to the ranch Sunday, August 27, we visited Shoeshone Dam, Buffalo Bill’s monument, Powell, Wyoming, where Tarzan “Durant” was killed (at the bank he was robbing). Shad and I went into Joliet Tuesday, August 29. Went hunting that morning. Shot prairie dogs. On Wednasday, August 30, we left the ranch for home at 5:55 am. Traveled 458.7 mi. Visited “Custer’s last stand” and the Black Hills, saw Rushmore memorial, went through four tunnels, 50 feet, 75 feet, 90 feet, and 175 feet long. stayed all night in Rapid City, South Dakota in a four room cottage ($3.50). We went through Boone, Iowa, where uncle Adam and aunt Maggie were married. On Thursday, August 31, we traveled 493.8 miles. Stayed all night at Holstein, Iowa in a “hotel” ($2.00). Arrived in Thayer, Ill. at 5:52 pm. Friday September, 1 1939, after traveling 472.9 miles. Traveled 3,574 miles total, used 238.3 gallons of gas, cost $38.97. Highest price paid for gas was 26 cents in Yellowstone, and lowest price paid was 16 cents in Good Hope, Illinois. Kinds of gas used: Texaco, Skelly, Hi Ratio, Conoco, Sinclair, and Litening. Paid 75 cents for toll (25 cents at Beardstown and 50 cents at Burlington, Iowa).”
ChildrenJohn Adam
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